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Download or buy the CD In the Name of Beethoven by Alex Masi on the independent record store by Let me scribble further and come back to the year 2004. It is also an essential year when Masi met with two friends - John Macaluso and Randy Coven - and recorded together with them M.C.M.'s "Ritual Factory. Apr 17, 2013 MCM (Masi,Coven,Macaluso) - Ritual Factory - 2004 - Lion Music Alex Masi ( guitar, loops; Dark Lord, Condition Red, Union Radio), Randy. MP3, Free Download (stream); Tour Press & news Started some time around 2004, MCM (their name being an acronym for the band members' last initials: Masi, Coven, Macaluso) is a veritable power trio, This is exemplified on their 2004 debut album, released on Lion Music, entitled "Ritual Factory. Jun 14, 2004 . Ritual Factory · MCM. Type: Full-length; Release date: 2004; Catalog ID: LMC104 . Label: Lion Music; Format: CD; Reviews: