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Please, vote for this map on Dream if you like it. The map is an Enfos map. Enfos is a kind of map that first started in War3, you can see a video. Oct 17, 2007 Enfo's Team Survival:MT Edition is, according to Blizzard, the best ETS mod on battle.net. The map has been developed since 2005 to bring. Jan 16, 2015 116,431 ratings. Enfos Team Survival reddit.com/r/enfos. Popular как скачать карту? чтобы в доте 2 её запустить? Owerlord. Enfos updated, fixing attributes and Give Gold UI + more features and bug fixes! Dota 2 Custom Map Enfo Hard Difficulty Surviving With Shadow Shaman.

Sep 9, 2015 The Warcraft 3 Map Enfos is a Team Survival where two teams fight against each other. In Enfos it is important to play in team. Pick Heroes. Want to suggest anything for the map? Here's the place for it! Place your questions about the map here. 235, 2,127 183, 2,273, Enfos. in space? by je5us. Jun 17, 2005 Enfos Team Survival 3003 by Cosmos This is a remake with new heroes just something new. Rate this map: (544) Good - (119) Bad Share this.